Announcement: BNC-BTSE Quarterly Rebalance Notice

Following approval from the Index Governance Committee, Brave New Coin will perform a rebalancing of the BNC-BTSE Composite Index (BBCX) and the BNC-BTSE Altcoin Index (BBAX) according to the updated constituent weights found below. This will be implemented on Monday, November 9, 2020 at 08:00 am (UTC) with no anticipated disruption.

Constituent weights were calculated on November 3 using the closing free float market capitalization of the preceding 5 days. Where needed, constituent assets were capped based on the index cap of 60% and subject to a minimum turnover requirement of 10 basis points.

BNC-BTSE Composite Index

Updated constituent weights: Nov - Jan, 2021

BNC-BTSE Altcoin Index

Updated constituent weights: Nov - Jan, 2021

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