BTSE Launches JST Spot Market

We are please to announce the launch of the JST spot market, effective September 4th 3 PM UTC.

What is the JST Token?

JUST aims to build a fair, decentralized financial system that provides stablecoin lending and governance mechanisms for users around the world. JUST is a two-token system.

The first token, USDJ is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar at a 1:1 ratio and is generated by collateralizing TRX via JUST's CDP portal. JST, the second token, can be used for paying interest, platform maintenance, participating governance through voting, and other activities on the JUST platform.

JUST allows all transactions, collateralization, and governance to be transparently executed on-chain. JUST is built on the TRON Network, the largest decentralized application ecosystem, and aims to provide a set of easy-to-use and transparent financial services for all its members.

Additionally, users are able to use JST to swap TRX and add liquidity by JST on JustSwap.

After Sept 16, 2020, users will be able to use JST token to mine Sun tokens.

When will funding start?

Deposits and withdrawals will go live September 4th at 3PM UTC and trading will be enabled shortly.

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