BTSE Sponsors the Official Litecoin Summit After Party

On Monday, October 28th 2019, BTSE will join the official After Party of the Litecoin Summit as a sponsor and co-host. If you’re attending the largest annual gathering of digital silver enthusiasts, happen to enjoy video games, and would like to get to know the community a little better, then join us at the HyperX ESports Arena in Las Vegas! The location is only about a mile away from the conference venue, making for a short yet glorious walk on Las Vegas Blvd after the first conference day.

Are you a fan of the battle royale survival game Fortnite? Would you like to play it in a tournament inside a 30.000 square-foot multi-level video game arena where you find all the latest technologies in digital entertainment? Would you enjoy the company (and in-game adversity) of cryptocurrency celebrities and influencers? Then you’re invited to join us. Along with PlayDecent, Cornerstone and World Crypto Con we will help co-host The Lightning Cup, a digital experience that will leave you breathless. This part of the Litecoin Summit can also be educational if you’re interested in cryptocurrency integration in video games.

Officially, this virtual point-and-click escapade takes place between 5PM and 11 PM. However, BTSE is making it much more fun with an afterparty where you get to network with all of your former in-game enemies. Call it the peace treaty which settles the intense digital warfare, because from 10 PM to 2 AM we will be having interesting conversations while potentially delighting our senses with a drink or two.

This event is meant to give the participants the opportunity to know each other a little better, potentially comment on their reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and definitely build lasting friendships.

Influencers and celebrities are expected to join, so don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to ask for autographs or selfies from UFC, NASCAR, or Major League Soccer athletes. Big names from the Litecoin family are also expected to show up, so you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to meet the people behind the Crypto Twitter avatars. BTSE’s Global Marketing Director Lina Seiche will also be there to greet you and prepare you for her speech on privacy (which she will be holding the next day).

For more details about the Litecoin Summit’s schedule, consult the official event agenda on the website.


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