Litecoin & Games: The Official Litecoin Summit After Party

BTSE has joined the official after party of the Litecoin Summit as a sponsor and co-host on October 28th. Fans of the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, or Bitcoin’s little brother, as community members lovingly call Litecoin, gathered at the prestigious HyperX ESports Arena to indulge in some of the most popular esports games, discuss the latest in Bitcoin and Litecoin, and have a well-deserved after hours getaway.

Gaming fans had the opportunity to play the battle royale survival game Fortnite in the Lightning Cup tournament inside the 30.000 square-foot multi-level video game arena, supported by party co-hosts PlayDecent, Cornerstone, World Crypto Con, and BTSE. Gaming is often handled as a major use case for cryptocurrencies, and as such, party guests were able to not only enjoy a match with their fellow attendees, but could also chat and learn about how the gigantic games industry and the fast-growing cryptocurrency space can be combined to innovate and level up gaming. Summit guests and industry celebrities celebrated side by side and concluded the first day of the Litecoin Summit and World Crypto Con with a bang.

For BTSE, it was an absolute honor to be part of the event and especially the Litecoin Summit which brought together the best in the space for consistently insightful talks, thought-provoking conversations, and sneak-peeks into the newest and best in the space.

We can’t wait for the next Litecoin Summit!


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