Magical Crypto Friends #24 Giveaway!

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On August 28th 2019, The Magical Crypto Friends finally released the 24th episode of their show. This new chapter in the journey of the four anthropomorphic friends is unique for two reasons: first of all, BTSE has been announced as the show’s first ever sponsor, and Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni has done his best impersonation of the monster truck announcer voice in order to explain why Futures 2.0 are really great.

Secondly, it presented a new perspective on confidential transactions with MimbleWimble, and how Extension Blocks work. Therefore, this entry in the series has the best of toxic maximalist jokes and useful technical explanations.

Following Litecoin’s journey towards fungibility is fundamentally interesting because its architectural similarities with Bitcoin imply that the king can do the same at some point in the future. Privacy and fungibility are two essential qualities of sound money, and through them we can finally fulfill the cypherpunk dream. The fact that the extension blocks are going to be added without a hard fork is especially useful for Bitcoin and interesting to follow.

Last but not least, the work with the lightweight privacy solution MimbleWimble (more specifically, with Grin developers) looks promising. Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni also gets to share some brief insights and experiences, as he is working on a MimbleWimble sidechain for Monero as well.

This episode has been Litecoin-centric, featuring some positive mentions about the halving outcome and an analysis of Litecoin's function as a store of value function.

Now let’s get to the best news you will read today:

As the exclusive sponsor of the MCF show, we're feeling extra generous and are giving away $300 in trading capital to three friends of the Magical Crypto Friends!

Check out the official contest tweet over at @magicalcrypto :

Starting today, you have 5 days to post your best answer. The BTSE team will carefully scrutinize all of them and pick the best 3. Therefore, you have plenty of time to prepare your best answer and make your friends upvote your entry – just keep in mind that this isn’t a popularity contest and we prefer quality.

The only two criteria for eligibility are:

1. Follow BTSE on Twitter;

2. Have a BTSE trading account on which you confirmed your e-mail address.

Here are some details about the three $300 prizes:

1. The trading capital that you win is available for 3 months from the date it is credited to your account. So you better use it before it expires!

2. The trading capital can be used exclusively for BTSE’s Futures 2.0 and cannot be transferred or withdrawn.

3. If you use your capital wisely and make profits through futures trading, then you keep 100% of profits and get to do anything you want with it (including withdrawals and transfers).

With that said, we wish you the best of luck for this contest, the best of fun watching more MCF episodes, and the best of success trading Futures 2.0 on BTSE!

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