#XMasWithBTSE - Three iPhones and a Competition

We’re excited for the Christmas season and hope you are too! Even more so because we’ve prepared a very special giveaway for you.

Starting this 4th of December, we are hosting the

#XMasWithBTSE Christmas Content Contest!

On behalf of Santa Clause, we’re giving away two brand-new iPhone 11 in the BTSE colors. And here is how it works:


Create your best BTSE content.

This can be a review article, a tutorial video, fanart, a meme, a meetup talk, an infographic, or really anything you can come up with. Play to your strengths - we can’t wait what you come up with.


Post your submission on Twitter.

Simply share your submission on your Twitter page before December 31st, add the hashtag #XMasWithBTSE, and tag @BTSEcom. We will then look at your submission and share the best content through BTSE’s social media channels.


Stay alert!

We will announce the winners shortly after the deadline on December 31st. Here is how the prizes will be awarded:

One iPhone 11 will go to the best written content, for example review articles, tutorials, in-depth pieces, analysis, or interviews.

One iPhone 11 will go to the best graphics and animations, for example memes, fanart, or videos.

And if you’re an attentive BTSE follower, you may have already guessed, but one iPhone 11 will be given out by a very special elf - come and check in again on this blog post tomorrow or keep an eye on the official BTSE Twitter account to find out more.

We look forward to your submissions and to celebrating the Christmas season with you!

Our aim is to create a platform that offers you the most enjoyable trading experience. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at feedback@btse.com or DM us on Twitter: @BTSEcom.


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